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Below are pictures from our recent trips to Italy, Dubai and Thailand. Visit our Trip page to see more.

This is the group that visited Thailand. The smiles are a sign of how they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This is a picture taken from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. What a travel experience!

Thailand has unparalleled beauty. It is a trip that many of our travelers have repeatedly said… ” I want to visit Thailand and southeast Asia again!”

Via Italia!!!!! Our travelers had the time of their lives. Many said “I can now check this one off my bucket list.”

Dubai is one of the truly beautiful locations in the world! Ask our travelers. Again, this is another picture taken from the Burj Khalifa.

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  1. Viva Italia!!!! I and 3 of my sister’s s travelled to ITALY with the Winternationaltours and boy did we have the time of our lives… This trip was one of several in my ” Bucket List” and they didn’t let us down. From the time we arrived at JFK international airport to touchdown in Venice, everything was fresh, brand new and memorable. The trip in itself consisted of 3 locales: Venice, Florence & Rome. If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime, get your crew together and contact this tour company. Very detailed, knowledgeable,
    professional , and treat you like family. All aboard… Your Pàrty just began.

  2. I visited a tourist excursion to ITALY 2022 and want to go again. W-International Tours is top dog!!! Very professional, personable and friendly. Can’t wait for the next trip in June 2023….Way to go!!!! W-International Tours

  3. I travelled along with 3 sister’s of mine with a tour group to Venice, Florence & Rome Italy 2022 and was amazed by the professionalism, personal touches, friendly manner and over all thoroughness of W-INTERNATIONAL TOURS. They didn’t leave anything out from the time we arrived at JFK international airport til when we reached our TRIP OF A LIFETIME!!! From the boat taxis to a Tuscany luncheon on a REAL olive farm to visiting the RUINS in ROME , the Roman Cathedral., Etc., This trip was like watching the travel channel ,but I was one of the main characters… W-International Tours treat you right and very affordable. You get a lot for your $$$$ and some.

  4. I enjoyed the most amazing 8 day breathtaking tour of Italy. The tour includes the cities of Venice, Florence and Rome. We had a great time . This was a dream come true and tour contact/ guide ( s ) we’re awesome!!!! They were very knowledgeable and kept us well informed about each city and what it had to offer. If you are planning a family/ friends vacation contact W-International tours. They do everything for you from beginning to end of trip. Loved them and can’t wait for my next trip with them.

  5. I recently went on a trip with the company to Italy and had an amazing experience from the planning to the people that were along for the ride, I will definitely be traveling with W-international tours again in the future

  6. I traveled with my cousin on a trip to Italy and I had the best time . We visited Venice, Florence, and Rome loved each city equally and am looking forward to the next trip which is Dubai in June. Dubai has always been a place I want to visit.

  7. Italy was a blast! I learned some interesting stuff, for example; the author of Pinocchio was from Florence . This was my 3rd trip and I will be going to Dubai again in June. Great adventures, friends that are like family and ease of travel all because of w-internationaltours.

  8. I went to DUBAI in “2018” and ITALY in “2022”
    It was awesome , beautiful and breathtaking definitely a site to see!!
    I would recommend W-Internationaltours because they are well organized, no issues and we were always kept informed of any changes.
    Paul is always available to help when needed.
    Looking forward to doing DUBAI a second time around on JUNE 6th 2023 can’t wait!!!

  9. ☝?As a traveler and my 1st time traveling with
    W-internationaltour, I had an awesome experience with a group of lovely people, I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing Dubiai. 6.6.23!!?✔️

  10. DUBAI, what can I say? I know, It was spectacular!!!! Over 7100 miles to get there, but it was worth every mile. Thanks to our Travel GURU, Paul Wilson. Once again, you didn’t let us down. The cities sites, beautiful Malls with all the activities: live aquarium, snow skiing, the fine designer shops and don’t forget the desert safari night outing… Riding camels, the belly dancers, fire breather and the human spinning top!!! To say the least about this Trip is it was HOT, but what would the desert be without heat…lol Anxiously awaiting my next adventure…. Can we say ” PARIS”, BONJOUR

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