Our Recent Trip to Dubai

In June of this year we took a trip to Dubai. This is the group.

This is a beautiful rendition of the facility we are visiting. The architecture of many of the buildings in Dubai is incredible.

Another picture of the impressive architectural concepts that can be found in Dubai.

Having fun in the desert.

As you can tell, this group is not camera shy!

Our Blog

Below are pictures from our recent trips to Italy, Dubai and Thailand. Visit our Trip page to see more.

This is the group that visited Thailand. The smiles are a sign of how they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This is a picture taken from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. What a travel experience!

Thailand has unparalleled beauty. It is a trip that many of our travelers have repeatedly said… ” I want to visit Thailand and southeast Asia again!”

Via Italia!!!!! Our travelers had the time of their lives. Many said “I can now check this one off my bucket list.”

Dubai is one of the truly beautiful locations in the world! Ask our travelers. Again, this is another picture taken from the Burj Khalifa.